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  The Middletown & Mystic Mines RR was begun about 35 years ago.  It's a coal-hauling railroad depicted in the year 1925.   It's freelanced,  following no particular prototype  although  some  structures  are  patterned after actual structures in the prototype town of Middletown. 

The layout is in a room 16 X 16 feet in a closed "W" shape.  There is approximately 275 feet of mainline track.  All track work is hand laid except in tunnel areas.   I model in HO and HOn3 scales.   See my layout by going to  LAYOUT PLAN in my web site.

I've added a new feature to my web site called PANORAMIC VIEWS. This provides the you with views of the major sections of my layout so that they can be compared to the Layout Plan.   You can see these sections by going to PANORAMIC VIEWS.

A more up close,  and detailed,  view of the layout can be seen by taking a train from one end  of the layout to the other by going to LAYOUT TOUR.  I have replaced most of the original photos with  those taken digitally for better reproduction.   There are more than 60 photos  of my layout,  most of which have never been published, where I explain details of the scene and modeling techniques.

I  have been  writing  articles  since I was  a junior  in  high  school,  almost  60  years  ago.   If  you  want a reference list of articles  I have written,  you can  select these  using  ARTICLES.    My first article, appeared in the June copy of the 1951 HO Monthly, (no longer published).  In addition, if I have any articles soon to be published, they are listed, along with photos, by selecting  FUTURE ARTICLES. 

Our model group, the HARTFORD WORKSHOP-1 and HARTFORD WORKSHOP-2, was started by Harold Horner, Donald  Clerke, Al Kalfleisch, and me.  Check these new pages out to see photos of the founding members layouts as well as newer member's efforts.

A 3-4 minute video has been prepared by my friend Phil de Carlo.   Select LAYOUT VIDEO.

If you ever find yourself in Connecticut, make plans to see the layout.  I will accommodate everyone I can if our mutual schedules  allow and if I get some advance notice of your plans to visit.

Lastly,  if you have  any comments,  good or bad,  about this web site,  modeling  problems  of which  I  may be able to  provide some help,  or just  want to discuss  model  railroading,  then click on   FEEDBACK & LINKS.    I  will attempt to answer all that I receive.